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"I was recommended to Dr. Downey by one of his patients. He has given me a renewed sense of feeling. Without his therapy I would have been crippled years ago."


New Patient Center

What to Expect

We want you to be comfortable at our office, so we will be anticipating your appointment and greet you with a smile. We will ask you to fill out some initial forms that help us determine your condition and pinpoint where we need to start your evaluation and whether Chiropractic/ acupuncture can help you. We do not accept all patients for treatment; that is why our success rate is so high. We only treat patients that our experience tells us will respond to our care. These short but necessary forms are where we begin.

Complimentary Consultation

You will get to meet with Dr. Downey and discuss your condition with him. There is no charge for this service. He will ask you pointed questions that will determine whether he can treat you or will refer you to another practioner.


If you meet certain criteria that indicate you will respond to treatment, an examination will be performed. The purpose of the exam is to determine specifically your diagnosis and how much treatment will be necessary, It is still possible to be rejected as a patient after your exam. If it is discovered you need to be seen by someone else, you will be referred immediately. We will not waste your time or money on conditions that need to be treated elsewhere.


Sometime x-rays are necessary to further your diagnosis or to specify your treatment. Not all patients are routinely x-rayed. To see is to know--not to see is to guess. You will be told in advance about x-ray fees if they are necessary. There will be no hidden charges.

Questions & Concerns

If you have come this far, you will generally want to know the answers to the following questions:

  1. Can I be helped?
  2. Will it hurt
  3. How long will it take?
  4. How much will it cost?

One question (will it hurt?) can be answered right now. Chiropractic and acupuncture are painless methods of healing. Most people find the treatments to be relaxing and soothing. The old ideas about cracking bones and twisting the spine are archaic and incorrect. Modern chiropractic treats older patients and babies and everyone in between. If it were painful, people would not go. Rest assured that Dr. Downey's methods are effective and your treatments will be pleasant. During your report, all your questions will be answered and all of your concerns addressed.

Payment Options

We will be glad to help with your insurance questions and will file all your paperwork to the appropriate coverage. If you have no insurance, our office will still work with you. Ask our helpful staff to set up an affordable payment plan that will allow you to receive the treatment you need but not create an additional hardship.

Our office participates with the following insurances: